Graphite electrode prices on a roller-coaster ride (Intro)

With this series that bears the name “Graphite electrode prices on a roller-coaster ride”, I would like to address a most relevant topic of the electrode shortages and thereby caused price chaos beginning in spring 2017. Many steel mills were hit hard and the consequences are still perceptible now.

Recently, I came across an interesting article on a popular question-and-anwer site, Quora Digest as well as on LinkedINThe question about whom we can attribute the copyright to doesn’t matter for our purposes. Its name was “What is the reason and trend of graphite electrode price increase?” – I was really excited and its title grabbed my attention within a nanosecond. 

You must know that during my visits and discussions with purchasing managers of steel plants, one of the first questions I most often encountered was: >>Mr Sarkoezy, please tell us, what caused this price increase in graphite electrode prices in 2016/2017?<<

Before I present my point of view (which is essentially the position of GES Group’s), I would like to relate to above article. I am not giving the post in full; instead I am summarizing my thoughts on it. Continue reading Graphite electrode prices on a roller-coaster ride (Intro)