Why baking one more time?

In this post you are going to learn about the rebaking process for graphite electrodes making and its equipment. Rebaking is necessary since after the first baking process, only 50 % of the pitch material is actually carbonized.

In almost all cases, graphite manufacturer use tunnel furnaces for rebaking. As a good standard, tunnel kilns from Riedhammer GmbH in Germany are used.

Tunnel kiln

In the small graphic below, you can see a typical design of a tunnel furnace with three heating zones for pre-heating, baking and cooling. The graphite electrodes are loaded onto seggar cans sliding on a railway through the furnace. 

The target baking temperature is about 700 ℃ with the following process times:

  • Pre-heating process time: 96 hours
  • Baking process time: 34 hours
  • Cooling down process time: 37 hours



source: http://www.riedhammer.de


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Click to access EMS%20Tunnel%20Kilns%20Sanitaryware.pdf


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